Kristen Bjorn videos – Aitor & Augusto

Straight to the action in these next free kristen bjorn videos – only hardcore sex is on this hot couples agenda. We’re sure you like hot, masculine, bushy sexy males like Aitor and Augusto. Aitor lets out Augusto’s hot dick and indulges himself to the big pleasures in his craving mouth. Next, the jock straps are removed and Augusto treats himself on the delicacies of Aitor’s asshole. We are all aware of how much Aitor adores hot dicks in his butt and he quickly accept Augusto’s cock. Don’t miss the end of this KristenBjorn scene as Augusto erupts his load all over Aitor’s balls, cock and thighs. Simply hot sex together with hot men and it’s quite the sight to see as always with our horny studs.
Aitor and Augusto are two very sexy and horny hunks and they always seem to be in the need to play with one another’s hot and firm butts. Watch closely and see the duo begin their sex session like any nice one with some superbly passionate and slow kissing as they undress one another. Then Aitor is the one that wants to take it up the ass and so he manages to bend himself over to present Augusto with his nice and sexy butt, and Augusto just shoves his nice and big cock all the way to the balls in Aitor’s ass. Sit back and enjoy this scene and see you guys next time with more content as always!

Kristen Bjorn videos

Leo is waiting for the arrival of his buddy Nicolas to give him his assignment, to eliminate Christian. However first poor Christian has to suck off Nicolas plus Alekos and Christian does it great. Cum inside and watch some wild free Kristen Bjorn videos with these muscle guys going wild. While both guys pursue to force their massive cocks down Christian’s super tight throat he will continue to suck their huge cocks, knowing for sure that all these are going to be the last tools he’ll ever blow. Alekos goes kind of aggressive right on his mouth and his cock is soon spreading his cum over Christian’s face. Feeling that hot jizz on his face really turned Christian on and his dick is exploding with his load as Nicolas continues pushing his dick down his throat. Cum inside kristenbjorn and enjoy more of this scene.

Well anyway, for this superb and fresh video you can see some more horny and cock hungry studs as they have a superb threesome and we just have to say that it’s one of the best that we have here so far. The studs took care that each and every one of them had his cock treated specially by some cock hungry lips so you get to watch them suck on one another’s nice and hard cocks for the duration of the first half of the video scene. Eventually they do get around to do some nice and hard ass fucking as well for the cameras and we bet that you’ll just adore watching them today. Enjoy the video everyone and don’t forget that you can find similar hardcore gay sex videos inside the rawpapi blog. See you next time, friends!


These two hot guys are real life partners so in the next Kristen Bjorn porn video they have no holding backs. Watch them as they start sucking one another’s toll till they both jizz, and for a minute they fuck mercilessly without a condom. If you liked this scene you might want to have a look at inside our large video collection available inside. But we know you guys are curious about our couple for today, so let’s get their sexy show started and see how these two gay twinks had fun for the afternoon today shall we? One thing is for sure and that’s that they will surely put on a great show for you to see.

The cameras start to roll, and our partners here begin to suck and slurp on each other’s nice and big cocks. See them start off with a nice and passionate kissing session for you and the cameras and see them taking off one another’s clothes to reveal those shredded bodies that they posses. The guys then start to do a nice and hot sixty nine and you get to watch them sucking and slurping on one another’s big and hard cocks just for you. And of course let’s not forget about that superb ass fucking that went down afterwards as well. Have fun with this Kristin Bjorn scene everyone and enjoy the gallery. We will see you again soon!

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Comrades in arms KristenBjorn

With the fall of the Iron Curtain the Russia is withdrawing his soldiers from Eastern Europe, and they’ve some interesting stories to share. Comrades in arms kristenbjornv is one of those sories. For the very first time ever you’ll find out about the initiation of Soviet soldiers and their Hungarian comrades. Cum inside our site and see these horny soldiers going crazy in a messy jizz-fest. Well we couldn’t pass the opportunity to show off this scene as it’s simply unforgettable. And rest assured that for today you will not be disappointed with this superb and fresh update everyone. And that’s a promise.

german soldiers sucking some hard cocksIn this superb and fresh gallery you get to see what happens when some sexy and wild studs get together and go wild. Of course all hell broke loose but we think it’s one that you will very much enjoy today. The guys decided to have one nice and hard core fuck party and everyone got to have some fun in it today. Watch as guys get double fucked, as they suck cock and take a fucking doggie style, and then see others as they ride those hard dicks cowboy style on top. Either way you are in for a great fuck party with this group and you shouldn’t miss it for the world guys. Have fun with it and see you next week! For similar material you can watch some hot rough sex videos inside the blog. Have fun!sexy soldiers having hardcore sex

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Casting Couch: Lucio Saints and Anderson Fox

Lucio and Anderson, the two hotties from the next fresh update, have been chatting online for a while and have ultimately met up. Lucio is very pleased to show to his new buddy the beauty of his city. After showing him the sites Lucio takes lovely Anderson back to his condo. When the clothes come off each guy find out that their interest keeps growing, yet not as much as their massive cocks. Lucio is desperate to teach Anderson the best way to pleasure a long and thick cock. In no tome Anderson takes that cock down his tight throat the best way he can.

Next, on this free Kristen Bjorn videos, he bends Anderson over to ensure that he can feel all his length. He also want to try another position – so watch him sits down on Lucio’s hard cock. He loves getting his tight ass fucked by huge cocks, just like the guys from the japan boyz site. While he rides that cock his hard cock is flopping around as the delight fulfills his body and soon erupting his load as Lucio will continue to fuck his ass. So without any kind of delays, just sit back and watch this wild gay fuck go down just for your enjoyment everyone. We’re sure that you will love it and rest assured more will be delivered to you next week as per always. See you next week and enjoy this superb gay sex scene today!


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Kristen Bjorn download

This exciting update shows you the best way to please your master! Cum inside and Kristen Bjorn download this video free. This sexy stud is taking some lessons and finds out the best way to lick his master’s butt hole and cock. However before he is permitted to do this, he has to work his way up, meaning, he has to lick the master’s boots till it look shiny clean. And what these guys also want to display today is their love for light BDSM as well as they just adore getting each other tied up and feeling helpless while the other guys take advantage of their sexy bodies. So let’s get started.

Today the sexy stud ,  Kristin Bjorn, that we were telling you about earlier had his turn to be tied up and fucked by his two buddies and you can bet that they would take the time to do a fine job of fucking his naughty ass. Sit back, relax, and watch him getting all tied up as the guys get him suspended in the air. And then see one of the dudes giving his cock to him for a nice and long sucking session while the other takes him from behind and shoves his nice and big cock inside his firm and tight ass. See this lucky stud double fucked today everyone and enjoy the gay sex update. We’ll be back next week with some more hot threesome sessions!

Kristen Bjorn wild attraction

The next update has the touch of Kristen Bjorn wild attraction. How would you react if your ex sweetheart chose to charm all your tricks? These two here Maikel and Pau set up a sexy game filled with revenge, hidden video cameras, anonymous packages and much more other. Well what can we say other than these two guys were simply amazing together. They love to get their asses fucked, just like the guys from the Japan Boyz site. They had some real chemistry and it was a sure treat to get to see them together fucking for this superb and sexy scene today. Well let’s get this show on the road and see these two studs in action as they take the time to fuck one another’s nice and firm asses.

As the scene starts off, the two guys can be seen kissing and caressing one another passionately for your entertainment, the perfect example for the word homosexuality. As they make their way to the bedroom, they start taking one another’s clothes off and as you will see they have some pretty sexy bodies too. Sit back and watch them take the time to play around and suck on one another’s cocks. Then Pau spreads open his legs to let his fuck buddy have easy access to his ass and you simply cannot miss seeing his butt hole filled by a nice and big cock today. Enjoy the gallery everyone and see you guys next week with more amazing stuff as always!


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Mauro Max and Lorenzo

These two handsome, muscular males are spending a fine quiet, romantic afternoon at home and on this kristen bjorn update. With their amazing bodies they could not resist caressing and touching each other. On this mind blowing scene Mauro and Lorenzo turn their romance into passion. The video starts with Mauro pleasuring Lorenzo’s cock with his tongue and then goes to Lorenzo’s weaker spot, his erect nipples. Filled with delight and passion horny Lorenzo starts to deep throat Mauro’s cock, forcing his tool getting into a hard erection. Mauro isn’t normally a bottom dude yet on this incredible video he is a great one. Real soon Lorenzo has opened Mauro’s butthole riding him rough and deep. All that Kristen Bjorn wild attraction find themselves on the side of no return so they explode their big loads over Mauro’s abs.

mauro-max-and-lorenzo-fuck-their-tight-asses-doggy-styleWell we can honestly say that it’s a sure thing that you will love these gay guys today. You get to see some very horny and hot studs as they take the time to penetrate one another’s nice and tight asses today and they do it just for you. Well that and for their own pleasure. Sit back and watch some nice and big hard cocks fucking some nice and tight asses and enjoy this superb scene today. As always we will be back next time with some more superb scenes so just sit back and enjoy this one fully today guys. See you next time, with more deep drilling sessions!

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KristenBjorn – Paradise plantation

It’s sure that you’ll never forget the next kristenbjorn update. Is a tropical romance scene that happens in the exotic and very hot Northern Brazil. The guys are super sexy and very into each other. No other words here, just watch this mind blowing orgy and enjoy seeing one wild and horny group of guys as they have some hard core gay sex in front of the cameras for you. This superb video is here just for your enjoyment and we bet that you guy’s sill simply adore it no matter what. So let’s not waste anymore time to just get it on the road for you today shall we guys?

The studs here are all ready to have some fun for you and you can expect one awesome and sexy fuck fest with all of them. The studs begin their show by taking off their clothes and revealing some nice and sexy bodies to the cameras that we just know for sure that you will enjoy. See them starting off with some nice and deep blowjobs today as they want to have each other nice and hard for the next part of the video. Sit back and watch these guys spend the evening fucking all over the place just for your viewing pleasure. We hope you’ll enjoy it and we’ll see you guys next week with some more fresh content! Until then, enter the site and watch some horny jocks getting their asses examined!


El rancho Kristen Bjorn preview

Muscle Carlos Montenegro is a skilled horse rancher (that’s why this update is named el rancho Kristen Bjorn) that realizes that his life with the wife is not where his dreams lie. During the night he is dreaming of hot ranch hands that surround him. Till one day when Carlos has a chance to make his dream come true. Watch this hot dude working his best on those men till they are all set to explode. He certainly wants something in exchange, yet he has to work hard for that! He will get something in return a big amount of jizz all over his ripped body. So let’s sit back and enjoy this superb update today without further due.


As the gay sex scene starts off you get to see these trio of horny men as they make their entry and the first thing that these guys seem to want to do is to get a taste for one another’s nice and big cocks. Sit back and watch them start off with a nice and long cock sucking session to get each other nice and hard for a superb fucking. We hope that you will enjoy this super sexy gallery with them and rest assured that you get to see some nice and hard ass fucking go down between these three guys. So let’s sit back and watch them suck and fuck one another in their nice and sexy gallery for today shall we? We hope that you will enjoy it. If you are curious about Kristen’s activity, check out his bio, on Wikipedia.

Enjoy as this horse rancher gets pummeled in every hole!

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