Costa Brava Kristen Bjorn

The superb Costa, great summer weather, warm sun, water, and lots of hot guys prepared to have incredible gay sex! That is what we’re offering in the next wild video. Three hunks will shove their hard tools into each other’s holes. I’m sure you will enjoy watching them with the mouth and ass filled, so cum inside and enjoy their amazing gay fuck.


It sounds excellent however is actually better, just because we put together an international cast, and three horny and rock hard males are willing to spend some unforgettable moments on this fun adventure, screwing each other crazy and also double penetrating their asses until they all jizz. Each one will get his mouth fucked before the ass to be stretched. And the skills they are having will make your cock hard as a rock. Trust me, these three totally deserve your attention, so no more chit-chat, just cum inside our website. We will have for you a great gay collection there, so cum inside and enjoy some gay action even more. Also you can visit the rawpapi blog and watch other hot gay guys fucking!

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Wagner Vittoria and Diego Lauzen

Hello there, my friends! Who is ready for another amazing Kristen Bjorn scene. We have for you this amazing couple who will enjoy one good healthy gay fuck. The two ripped cute men got their holes stuffed tonight, so don’t even think to waste any more time. Just hit that button and watch them in action.

As you will see, the two are very horny from the very beginning. Their cocks are already hard and Diego will wrapped his juicy talented lips around Wagner’s hard tool, just to taste it a little and to get it all wet and ready for his but. He will get his ass stretched right after that. Wagner shoved his finger first into that tight hole, then he stretched it with his cock. If this was not convincing enough for you, cum inside and see it for yourself. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed by their performance. The two will fuck each other until each one will spray a nice load of jizz on his partner, dribble of cum running down those pretty faces in the end. No more chit-chat, just cum inside and enjoy them even more! If you liked this scene maybe you wanna see some hot shemales getting ass fucked, so if you do check out the site and have a great time inside it! See you soon, friends!


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Gay guys going crazy in a messy jizz-fest

Hey guys, Kristen Bjorn brings you today another exquisite update with a large group of guys having some nice gay sex this afternoon. Five hunks men will stretched their holes tonight and you are about to enjoy the entire scene from the front row seats. I can guarantee that you’ll enjoy watching some double teamed, hardcore penetration and a professional blowjob, so let’s hit that play button.

The five studs are during their trip in some mountains and that clean air made them pretty horny. All five engaged in one amazing gang-bang gay fuck. Two of them had to assume the position as the rest prepared their large cocks to penetrate those tight and eager asses. Watch them in this wild fuck session as they all get covered in jizz before each one got his throat gagged and his ass stretched. Trust me, they totally deserve your attention, so cum inside and enjoy them in action. Also, check here for this slutty gay dude working hard on a hard tool. 

wild atraction by kristen bjorn

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Italo Gang Joe Delot

Hi there! Another great week and Kristen is back with his fresh scenes. This time we have for you this good looking couple who will do their thing on camera just for your viewing delight. Both ripped guys loves a thick hard cock into their ass and will go for a fresh one at any time at the day. I think that they did a great job together and I got the feeling that we will see them soon once again on screens. Let’s see how everything happened.

So the hunks started their scene pretty slowly, kissing and touching gentle. But the passion for each other  from  their eyes was pretty clear for me. Then you will see them  ripping the clothes off and starting to suck each other. One of them will spread his legs wide open while the other one is licking his balls and his asshole just for your viewing delight. Their cocks and buttholes are ready now, so one will bend down and the other one will slide his throbbing cook deep inside that hole. For sure he enjoys the way it feels when his cock slides into that tight wet hole and will go harder and faster until his cum load is ready to explode, but he manage to jump up and to put that creamy jizz all down the back of the throat of his buddy. Enjoy the entire episode back on our website.


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Stany Falcone and Leonardo Lucatto

Kristen Bjorn brings you today the exploits of two very horny guys. They are Leonardo and and Stany and they both like to have sex when they feel really horny. During this fine afternoon they enjoyed a hot gay fuck in this old garage and we caught every second of that hot fucking on our cameras. Make yourself comfortable and get ready for a boner on these two.

Both are very good looking men and only by watching them taking their clothes off and exposing those amazing bodies will make you pretty horny. They started with a little teasing before getting to sucking each other’s hard cock. As you will see, Stany has good sucking skills. However Leo took the submissive role this time as he really wanted to get his ass fucked by the other guy’s big and rock hard dick. So after he licked him all over his asshole and on his balls, Leo bended down and offered his but for a nice hard hammering. I’m sure you don’t want to miss the great ending as both got their pretty little face covered in creamy jizz. Until next time, enjoy everyone!


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Jesus Moreno & Julio Cesar

Hey guys Kristen Bjorn returns this week with more horny studs getting into some wild fuck fests. Today it was Jesus and Julio’s turn to have a go at each others tight asses. The two hunks will fuck all their possible holes and you are about to enjoy the scene from front row seats. Make yourself comfortable and watch Julio starting the fucking session with a nice blowjob.

The both studs seemed pretty eager from the very begging of the video. For me they have a passion for each other and that is a very good thing since they had to fuck each other on camera. So watch them wasting no time in getting naked and their cocks hard. I pretty sure that both are very good with their tongues, but first you will  see Julio as he starts the session with a nice and deep blowjob on his buddy. The hungry man dropped on his knees and wrapped his juicy lips all around Jesus’s cock. He will suck on it like there’s no tomorrow, then the stud will spread his buttocks for his buddy. Enjoy them in action and cum back next time for fresh content.

hot guy gets his large uncut dick sucked dry

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Scott Carter and Maikel Cash in Wild Attraction

Maikel and Scott share a hotel room in today’s KristenBjorn update. The two men just wanted to have a room ready to get their fuck session started for the evening and this time they outdid themselves. The two will be your company tonight, so make sure you are ready to get a nice boner on both, because the way they fuck each other is a very passionate way and no one could resist to that.

Scott just started to fuck his partner’s ass with a burning passion to his delight and joy right after Maikel wrapped his lips all around his partner’s hard cock. The man has some skills, that is pretty clear and the way he swallows that whole long cock is pretty impressive. After all that deepthroat, his ass has stretched, Scott going balls deep inside and making him moaning of pleasure. Cum inside and enjoy the entire episode. You will find there their great ending as both sprayed their creamy jizz on the partner, dribbling cum running down their face or round ass. Enjoy them. Stay tuned for more updates soon or enter the site and see some horny shemales getting roughly fucked!


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Kristen Bjorn – SEX CITY

Hi there and welcome back, my friends! Today’s update has a great surprise for you bringing another group of four sexy studs spending some wild fuck times. The group went on a trip and they booked in at a hotel in the area. But you know how horny our guys get. So make yourself comfortable and watch the hot foursome.

Everything started with some little jokes. All of hem knew about only one hat he is gay. The other three were secretly gay. But after all those little jokes they did, they just realized that all four are gay and they were all alone there. So in no time they were all over each other fucking their asses hard and fast for a wild sex session. I’m sure you will enjoy watching a double penetration or some amazing deepthroat. And that is not all our boys experienced there. Cum inside and enjoy their amazing foursome and see what a truly hot gay fucking really means. See you the next time with more exciting content. Until then, I’ll leave you in their company. For sure they will be a good company, just like the guys from the site!


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Another great week and we are back on screens. As always Kristen Bjorn is here to make your days better and to deliver the best gay scenes that you can find on the net and today’s no exception. This cock hungry pack of guys went for a boat ride, but at the middle way the spirits started to heat up and all of them were soon finding themselves sucking cock or fucking some tight asses. Enjoy them sucking and fucking all around in that boat, outdoor as it was a nice sunny day.

The four went for a ride in the open sea. They were looking for a little relaxation and the sun and the heat made them very horny. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy them starting with some pro blow job. The boys sure knows what they are doing there. After they got their throats gagged, each one offered the other hole for hammering. I’m sure you will enjoy watching their ass fucked as much as you enjoyed watching them sucking on each other’s cock. They will not stop until all are ready to explode and that moment will be pretty amazing. Do not miss it. Enjoy! Also, check the ‘paradise platation’ update for more latino guys enjoying a nice gang bang.


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Tropical Bareback Adventure

Hello once again, everyone! Today’s Kristen Bjorn update features four of our hot and horny guys spending some nice fuck times together in their room at the tropical resort they went to visit. So watch them wasting no time taking their clothes off and watch them fuck each other in this superb update. I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed by their performances.

The men started everything pretty slow, but it was very clear that each one was pretty horny and could not wit to put his cock into a hole. The studs sucked on each other’s cock. There is no secret that men have better blowing skills that women as they know their body better.Each one of hem was also eager to get their holes stuffed and you will see their asses stretched. This fuck fest continued long into the evening until neither could go on. Do not miss the great ending as every one of them will spray the nasty creamy jizz on his partner’s face or ass. Enjoy their performing and see ya all next time with fresh bareback content. Have fun till then!


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